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Added 1 Jun 2013

A drunken duel in a tavern gets out of hand and turns into a proper bar brawl. Losers will be soundly beaten - and don't provoke the barmaid unless you want to end up over her knee. Yarrr, me hearties!  

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Tags: Adele Haze, Daniel R, defiance, F|F, F|M, hand spanking, historical, humiliation, Jimmy Holloway, kissing, leather, light-hearted, medieval, M|F, over the knee, Pandora Blake, photogallery, sci-fi + fantasy, stockings, struggling, sword-fighting, takedown, the flat of a sword, Thomas Cameron

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Photography: Daniel R


More obesity?

"Carry on Bloating" eh? What market research have you done that makes you think people want to see corpulent young women. Or corpulent old women. Or corpulent people generally. I know it is politically correct but obesity equals enormous diabetes risk. People should not be fat, full stop.

Please find some models who have healthier lifestyles.

This old chestnut again? Okay, let's address your misconceptions one at a time.

Firstly, if you don't find any of our performers attractive, then just don't watch those scenes. Or find a spanking website where all the performers are skinny - there are more than enough of those around, and you're welcome to visit them if you prefer. Commenting to say you find a particular performer ugly is pointless - I hire the people I find personally attractive and I'm not going to change my mind just because some troll says so. Also, insulting strangers on the internet makes you sound like a dick.

Secondly, the health thing is bollocks.

You are not capable of diagnosing anyone's health from their bodyweight. If genetics predisposes you to a certain body shape, it's usually far healthier to eat normally and be active at that size than to wreck your metabolism and health with constant dieting. Weight itself is not a health problem. When you've read that, read this.

Finally, the health of my performers is no-one's business but their own (and possibly and mine if it affects their ability to engage in spanking play). Many of my performers suffer from health problems of different sorts - from the standard colds and viruses to long term physical or mental conditions. Being in less than perfect health does not make you less interesting, attractive or sexy. As long as they can do their job, it makes no difference whatsoever.

So stop hiding behind this facade of concern for people's health. Admit that what you're feeling isn't concern, it's aesthetic distaste - and have the decency to keep it to yourself.

You ask who wants to see women of all shapes and sizes. Me. And millions like me.

You clearly know nothing about health, humanity or the nature of sexual attraction. Kindly keep your offensive and misogynist comments to yourself.

Hooray for not everyone liking the same thing!

Yay, curvy women!

Well, I think you're a big poopy pants, and there's no cure for being a big poopy pants, you big poopy pants.

PS. Yay curvy women!

PPS. Big poopy pants.

Well, there's certainly no arguing with your logic :D

Also, Jimmy balancing precariously over Adele's knee in the main preview photograph may be the sexiest thing I've seen all week.

Thankyou! Paul mentioned on twitter that he liked the pictures of Jimmy over Adele's knee here too, and I have to agree! I wish I'd got her to pull down his trousers now for a few shots, but he does look rather good in them :)

Yes, people do want to see curvy big bottom women getting spanked! I have noticed that, looking at spanking sites and reading members' comments, for many years now. So, more of that please!

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