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Reluctantly, silenced.

Well, the censorship saga with payment processor CCBill and my female-gaze porn site Dreams of Spanking got much, much worse. I wrote last week about the ridiculous wording changes they required, including censoring discussions of consensual and ethical production on the blog. I did as I was told. Unfortunately, that was far from the end of it.

To explain why I CCBill sent me another email last Friday detailing an entirely new set of changes and deletions I needed to make, I have to explain a tedious technical thing. I have a client account with CCBill, of which the website is a subaccount. I can run as many websites as I want, each with its own subaccount. Every time you create a new subaccount, that site has to go through the approval process with the CCBill policy review team.

When I launched Dreams, was up and running as a pre-launch site containing a blog and other previews. Alongside that, prior to launch the main paysite existed at while D and I were building it. We put all the content on the dev site, submitted that and got it approved; only then were we able to set up and test the credit card billing, which we needed to do before we could launch. So we launched, and went to change the subaccount URL to ... and found out we couldn't. If you want a new URL, you need to setup a new subaccount. I put it on my to do list to do at some point when I had time, and meanwhile just carried on accepting payments to

Anyway, when they did their review last week, they pointed this out as something that needed changing - which of course it did, I just had never got round to it. So I spent half a day setting up a new subaccount for (as if I wasn't already busy enough, dear lord), and submitted it for approval.

Which is when it all kicked off.

The whole story has been pretty well chronicled on Twitter, so I'm just going to link to this storify - read it if you want all the details. Short version: they said I needed to remove all the age play scenes, all the sword-fighting scenes, all scenes showing red/purple marks, and any use of the word "force". This amounted to a lot of content. Never mind that none of this was picked up on in their review last week, and their requirements are repeatedly arbitrary and inconsistent. Never mind that it means taking content offline that members have already paid for. It all needed to go.

After sitting on this over the weekend, thinking and constructing contingency plans, I took the advice of industry friends and called CCBill this evening to speak to a human. One of their policy advisors went through the listed offences one by one and she helped me work out how I could meet their requirements in the least destructive way. She was pleasant and helpful, and we worked out some places where I could limit the damage, but it became clear that I was still going to have to make a fuckton of changes, and delete at least three scenes in their entirety.

I am furious that after all my efforts to create a site that shows the enthusiastic consent and ethical production behind the porn I make as clearly, accessibly and transparently as possible, I am still being fucked over. This has nothing to do with the UK extreme porn legislation, and little to do with Visa's requirements - far more severe sites accept credit cards perfectly happily. This is about CCBill covering their asses, and fuck all my efforts to do things right; every blogpost, every comment from happy performers, every behind the scenes video, all for nothing. They have zero legal standing for refusing to process payments for content that is legal, but they have me and every other producer by the short hairs, and so they get away with it. If you're rich enough to work for free you can do what you want, but if you're a self-funded start-up relying on income from sales to keep producing, you are fucked, because you have to do what you're told or you can't get paid.

So that's how I've spent the last five hours. And I am exhausted. I have spent my evening changing wording, editing blog posts, deleting images, swapping out thumbnails, photoshopping blood drops out of photos and deleting scenes. Every deleted scene means a blog post (or two, or three) and a hosted affiliate gallery that needs taking down or editing as well; broken links and images that mean fixing. But as Ms Naughty said on my last post, when CCBill says jump, you ask how high.

I've backed up all the original content, much good though it will do me. And every change I've made has been a wrench. Dreams of Spanking is a heartfelt expression of my personal kink and sexuality and I am passionate about defending every word of it. These changes feel like compromising my values, selling out, giving up some part of myself. The whole process has left me feeling emotionally wrung out.

Anyway, I can't write all this on the Dreams of Spanking blog for obvious reasons, but so you know exactly what was so offensive, and as a panacea to my wounded self-expression, I'm going to record as much of the deleted content as I can. So here we go.

  • Ludwig and Kaelah's severe caning scene "The Final Test". The majority of this caning was deemed too physically severe - despite the fact that the film was an exercise in representing positive, consensual severity, with a sensitive storyline focused on the empowerment of Kaelah's character, and two extended behind the scenes documentaries including interviews with Kaelah and showing the way the scene was filmed. I was given the option of hacking the film up to remove most of the cane strokes and deleting over half of the screengrabs, but I have no desire to mutilate a film into which Kaelah poured so much energy and creativity. It's been deleted from Dreams of Spanking in its entirety.

    That's not the end of the story for this film, though. More details at the end of this post.

  • The two scenes which included a sword fight or duel as part of the set-up for the spanking scene both needed similarly gutting. Any images or video sequences in which a sword was pointed directly at a model were forbidden. Even though in our comedic nautical romp 'The Pirates of the Jolly Kraken', the swords in question were rubber LARP swords.

    I showed the policy advisor the full size photos and she said they were still realistic-looking enough to count. Really? Okay.

    Likewise the wooden bokken in 'The Avenger's Return', and Amelia's fencing foil with its capped end. They both counted. It all had to go.

    Both 'The Pirates of the Jolly Kraken' and 'The Avenger's Return' have been deleted from Dreams of Spanking.

  • Little Ten. The original scene description was "Ten comes home from work cranky, but Pandora knows what she needs. She tells Ten to change into her little girl clothes, and gives her a long, firm bare bottom spanking until she's sore and sorry." This age play scene has been renamed, and all uses of the words "little girl" have been removed from the scene page and the corresponding blogpost.

  • The Captain and the Tavern Wench. Four photos were picked out as showing excessively severe welts. Here they are:

    They've been deleted from the Dreams of Spanking scene page.

  • The Undergardener's Birching. Birches have a tendency to break the skin, especially when applied from cold. A single drop of blood in an otherwise relatively moderate punishment was deemed too extreme. I offered to edit the droplet out of the offending images. In that case, they said, the photos would be acceptable - so that's what I did. Here are the unedited originals.

  • All blogposts and affiliate FHGs related to the above scenes have been edited to match. Blogposts and FHGs connected to the deleted scenes have been removed entirely.

  • All instances of the word "force" to describe someone being made to do something have been removed from the site. There were a LOT of these. I've mostly managed to change wording rather than deleting anything - for instance in this blogpost about The Tailor's Apprentice (part 2), "He forces Sebastian to bend over and endure an embarrassing bare bottom spanking" becomes "Sebastian is obliged to bend over".

That isn't an exhaustive list of everything on Dreams of Spanking which might arguably meet their criteria for removal. But (with the exception of the word "force" which I could find with a site search) I've only addressed the instances which CCBill mentioned in their email. If they want to perform a more exhaustive search, they might well come up with other instances which they considered offensive. But I'm not going to pre-emptively self-censor myself; I'll just do what I'm told.

Anyway, about those deleted scenes. I've decided what I'm going to do. I'm going to create a new mini-site - I've already bought the domain - and publish them there. For free. So these requirements are handed down to CCBill from Visa; all other billing agents are the same? Fuck capitalism: I'll give it all away. Full length video downloads, image galleries, behind the scenes documentaries, associated writings, everything. Plus the comments, the blog posts, the performer bios, all the surrounding context that demonstrates the ethical production and enthusiastic content that went into the making of those scenes, because without that, it's not representative of what I'm doing.

Free range porn, released into the wild! It's an exhilarating, liberating prospect. Free economics: the last line of defence against the capitalist censors. If I'm not charging, there's not a damn thing they can do about it.

Edit 29/05/13: Since some people have asked how they can support me, here is a donate button. Putting together the free site is going to involve taking time away from paying work - any contributions will help a lot in getting these scenes back online as quickly as possible.

Support this site by making a donation


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小物 人々は彼らの猫を残して

州最高裁判所は、不正と戦うために試みを装っ恥ずべき有権者識別ラワ詐欺に木曜日の引数を聞くことができます。 フィラデルフィアの憲法の採用は、国家議員は民主主義への参加を高めるために何もしません。, [url=ポーチ-c-24_115.html][b]ポーチ[/b][/url], 保守党は、一般的に違法であるが、いくつかのアメリカに来た人のための任意の休憩に反対、フロリダ州の上院議員マルコ·ルビオのように、当事者がそのような強力な経済的·社会的影響を問題に現代的なアプローチを採用しなければならないと主張する。, [url=当店人気のオロビアンコ-ボディバッグ-ショルダーバッグ-アシッドブラックアウト-デゼルティカデザルティカdesertika-新作-acidblackoutt06-tecnomagicacidblackoutt06te-p-2811.html][b]当店人気のオロビアンコ ボディバッグ ショルダーバッグ アシッドブラックアウト デゼルティカ/デザルティカ(DESERTIKA) 新作 ACIDBLACKOUT-T06 TECNOMAGIC/ACIDBLACKOUT-T06-TE[/b][/url], 類似のトピックでは、それはP2P /ビットトレントやその他もろもろの存在を正当化することを特に何ですか? 私は、ゲームのデモ、シェアウェア、アップデートおよびBLA何とかいつもの返事であると仮定します。, [url=新作-マークジェイコブス-メンズ-バッグ-m4131040-80154-m-standard-supply-ショルダーバッグ-ウォッシュドインク-p-2979.html][b]新作 マークジェイコブス メンズ バッグ M4131040 80154 M Standard Supply ショルダーバッグ ウォッシュドインク[/b][/url], カットが発効した場合、市の職員は、一度開いて8のうち、三から四消防署があるだろうと言う。 氏ゲルバーは、カットが発効行けば2つ以下のステーションがオープンになると述べている。, [url=][/url], このような成長のためSA37として、また授乳中ビタミンやミネラルサプリメントは、特に大規模な品種では、と考えられるが、多くの場合、それは適切な完全なライフステージの食事を使用することをお勧めすることができます。, [url=パトリック-スニーカー-靴-エナメルパンチ-wht13090-su13-p-5441.html][b]PATRICK E-PUNCH パトリック スニーカー 靴 エナメル·パンチ WHT(13090 SU13)[/b][/url], 私は、我々は以前に、彼は彼らのために家を見つけるできなかった場合、それらを紛らすつもりだった農家という2匹の子猫を採用していることに言及することがあります。 彼はそれらがスピード違反の車にはね見て、​​それが良いと感じました。 あなたは自問する必要があることが起こっているのは、今日、この世界です? 次に誰かが人間の人口過剰を減少させるためにそれをやってされます。, [url=][b]CLARKS[/b][/url], 市は、プログラムに関する2つの初期の研究のためにウィクストレーム経済企画コンサルタント、株式会社の17000ドルの合計を支払うことに合意しました。 研究では、このようなマンションの建物として企業がsinglefamilyレンタルよりも警察や救急サービスを必要とするかどうかを見ていきます。 派遣と土地レコードを使用して、彼らは、95%信頼レベルでの調査結果を達成するために願っています。単なるマーケティングの問題, [url=大特価il-bisonteイルビゾンテ-財布チェーン付ダブルスナップ長財布-no41223227300イルビゾンテ-アウトレット送料無料-p-2728.html][b]大特価!【IL BISONTE|イルビゾンテ 財布】チェーン付ダブルスナップ長財布 [No_412232]\27300【イルビゾンテ アウトレット】送料無料[/b][/url], エッシャーは、階段はどこにも行かないように見える人々が逆さまや横向きに 座っている狂気の世界を示しています。, [url=激安-トリーバーチ-ハット-ネイビーナチュラル-11125066-496-bi-color-fedora-ペーパー-レディース-navy-natural-p-4548.html][b]激安 トリーバーチ ハット [ネイビー×ナチュラル] 11125066 496 BI COLOR FEDORA ペーパー レディース NAVY NATURAL[/b][/url]

Paul Smith マフラー ラインハルトは

[url=グッチ-長財布-グッチ-gucci-財布-二つ折りフラップ-ggロゴ付き-1973-レザー-オフホワイト-245739-ank0g-9022送料無料-p-1778.html][b]グッチ 長財布 グッチ GUCCI 財布 二つ折りフラップ GGロゴ付き 1973 レザー オフホワイト 245739 ANK0G 9022[送料無料][/b][/url], MARANA、アリゾナ州(AP)PGAツアーコミッショナーのティムフィンチェムは無法者に計画に大きなしわを投げたアンカー、彼は長い間を使用してプレイヤーが優位性を持っていたことを示唆する十分な証拠がなかったので、ツアーは禁止に反対日曜日と言ったときのストロークを入れて パター。先週の水曜日, [url=トートバッグ-c-22_28.html][b]トートバッグ[/b][/url], 料金は徴収されたとき、thenSuperintendentジェフNameyは地区が雇用のために書き込まれていない手順を有することを特徴とする。, [url=ルイヴィトンlouis-vuitton-バッグ-エピ-ミラボー-gm-ノワール-m40472-p-4636.html][b]ルイヴィトン(Louis Vuitton) バッグ エピ ミラボー GM ノワール M40472[/b][/url], 我々はいつかもうすぐ古い時代に私たちの最後の猫を失うとき、我々は、好ましくは、同時に、避難所から2大人の猫を採用したい。 また、我々は彼らが美しいと思うように両方が黒猫だったら素晴らしいことが、彼らが採用したばかり難しく時間がある知っているだろう。, [url=エルメス-アザップ-ロングシルクイン-ルビーブルー他-p-478.html][b]Hermes:エルメス アザップ ロング(シルクイン) ルビー×ブルー他[/b][/url], 興奮と喜んで、彼女は言った。 シャロンに住んでいる間、彼女は理由西部マサチューセッツ州の養護施設の子どもの数にツリーハウスのイースタンプトンを設立しました。 状態の議決人口の11%がここに住んでいるが、地域は養護施設の子どもたちの22%に家で​​ある、と彼女は言った。, [url=マザーズバッグ-c-1_6.html][b]マザーズバッグ[/b][/url], また、例えば、夫婦のために不妊治療に助成金を支給、少子化を逆にしようとする数十億ドル年間を費やしている。, [url=正規品グッチgucci-バッグ-gg柄-ポーチ-ベージュローズピンク-245947-p-2080.html][b]【正規品】グッチ(GUCCI) バッグ GG柄 ポーチ ベージュ&ローズピンク 245947[/b][/url], 国防総省、軍と中国、2011年の人民共和国(PDF)を、関与セキュリティ動向によって年次報告書は、中国が国際社会での役割と責任を高め続けている間、国はまた、軍事のための新しいガイドラインを打ち出していることを示している 、人民解放軍(PLA)。, [url=グッチ-長財布-gucci-グッチ-財布-wホック『2013年春夏新作』sukeyスーキー-インターロッキングg-gg柄キャンバス×レザー-ベージュ×オフホワイト-282426-fafxg-9761送料無料-p-1633.html][b]グッチ 長財布 GUCCI グッチ 財布 Wホック『2013年春夏新作』SUKEY/スーキー インターロッキングG GG柄キャンバス×レザー ベージュ×オフホワイト 282426 FAFXG 9761[送料無料][/b][/url], OpenStackはシステムインテグレーターMirantisは月曜日に、それが公にOpenStackのための構成および展開ツールのそのプライベート図書館を開設したと発表した。, [url=][b]Coach 【コーチ】[/b][/url], 私が残っていると、どちらかすべて黒またはタキシードです。 里親に他の猫が採択ために続けて、彼らはキャラコ、グレー、オレンジです。

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Oh god no. The residents of Weymouth are obviously far to clever to follow the official diversion routes, and then wonder why they get stuck on narrow roads. Well hard luck. Follow the proper route and then if you get stuck you maybe have more of a reason to complain. Otherwise suck it up and be quiet. [url=]Nike Air Jordan 2012 White Black Varsity Red Mens Shoes[/url] Oh, and talking of music, one of the finest British bands in many a year The Verve all originally came from Wigan. [url=]Nike Roshe Run AntiFur Womens Black Red[/url] The conflict law says no minister shall use his or her position to try to influence a decision in order to further another person private interests. rejects the argument that a minister can claim to be acting solely as an MP when intervening with bodies such as the CRTC, you can take off your minister hat. is improper to go this far, Conacher said. [url=]Nike Air Jordan 6 (VI) Retro Mens Shoes Oreo White Black[/url] According to CEO, BIG India Malls, Sanjiv Trehon, an open mall is typically spread over an area of 15 to 20 acres and among its many salient features is huge spaces for surface parking. An Open Mall is not a storied structures, it is only ground floor and either U or L shaped. [url=]Nike Air Max 1 Sneakers Citron/White-Turquoise[/url] A recent survey showed that choir singing is the most popular cultural activity among Estonians, with 41,000 practicing it regularly in 1,400 choirs nationwide. Most of them will take part in the performances in Tallinn. [url=]Nike Air Jordan Spizike infrared WS black blue white infrared Shoes[/url] But something had changed six years ago. He didn't go to his university classes. He told his mom that he didn't have any feelings any more, that he hadn't cried since his Grandpa had died a year earlier, that he hadn't been a normal teenager. She asked if he would see a doctor; he was diagnosed with severe depression and psychosis, and prescribed medication.
Dara Torres: "It was really a lot of fun to write. I got that title because I really realized you don't put an age limit on your dreams. And a lot of people put elite athletes on pedestals and forget that we're human and that we make mistakes and we have our ups and downs and our trials and tribulations, and I really wanted that to get across. I wanted the everyday person to relate to my book." [url=]Cheap Nike Air Jordan 4 Retro Red Black Grey Mens Shoes[/url] Institutes and URLs [url=]Nike Air Jordan XX8 (28) Black Red Mens Shoes[/url] Much of the exports from these joint ventures will come back to the European diesel market. Europe has chronic shortage of diesel and oversupply of gasoline due to the growing popularity of diesel cars at the expense of gasoline vihchles. [url=]New Men's Nike Air Max TN Plus Beige White Silver[/url] An estimated 20 of water is used at many barns for 4 5 in the spring and fall to wash out the manure that has collected over the previous season. In one building over 40% of the total water used by the whole site runs continuously 24 most of it is used by a drain flushing system, which accounts for an estimated 129 This is a far higher volume than would normally be expected. At the processing plant, an estimated 34 is used for walk in coolers. [url=]Nike Air Jordan 1 High Retro Bulls vs. Celtics DMP Pack Mens Shoes[/url] Our goal is that any foreign trip made by Russian officials or representatives of big Russian companies becomes hell, she said. [url=]Nike Air Max 90 VT Sneakers Camouflage Olive[/url] Tori Campbell, a presenter on KTVU, a local US station, read out a list of the supposed names of the pilots of the Asiana Airlines flight that crashed on 6 July. A graphic showing the fake names was also displayed during the broadcast.
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Activists from the environmental group GActivists from the environmental group Greenpeace display posters demanding global fastfood chain KFC to stop Indonesian forest destruction during a protest staged outside a KFC outlet in Semarang in Central Java province on June 16, 2012. Greenpeace accused KFC of using paper packaging made using wood from Indonesian rainforests which it said was endangering the habitat of the Sumatran tiger. SETIAWAN/AFP/GettyImages [url=]New Mens Barbour Bardon Quilt Jacket Dark Brown[/url] The purpose of Spectrum Fairness is and has been to provide an outlet for exposing personally unjust experiences with other websites or groups, to do with autistic spectrum conditions. SF is not then a one person originated site. [url=]Nike Air Jordan 1 XQ China Edition Mens Shoes[/url] GD1 Radeon HD Video Card Review [url=]Vans Era Black/Castle Rock/Red Skate Shoes[/url] The name and address of the manufacturer or packer or the importerThe name, address, telephone number, e mail address, if available, of the person in charge of consumer complaintsThe generic or common name of the commodityThe net quantity of the packageThe month and year of manufacture/pre pack/importRetail sale price of the package (MRP)MRP may be declared with Rs or with Rupee Symbol or bothIt is permissible to declare MRP Rs 17.96, Rs 17.97, Rs 17.98 and Rs 17.99. However Rs 17.95 should be rounded off to Rs 17.50锘縂round Fault Interrupter Extension Cords Recalled [url=]Buy Womens Barbour Printed Beadnell Waxed Jacket Black[/url] Jay Gee runs a chain of restaurants by the name of Wok Experience at premium places such as the Ambience and MGF malls in Gurgaon and Citywalk in Rajouri Garden. [url=]Womens Barbour Redesdale Waterproof Parka Jacket[/url] A hotel, restaurant facilities and civic area will complement the proposed retailing facilities. A multi storey car park will also be constructed.
Ballinrobe electoral area is itself a fairly recent creation. Up to a decade ago, it was part of the larger Claremorris area. But given the geographical distance between Ballyhaunis at one end and the southern boundary of the county at Shrule at the other, a decision was made that a new Ballinrobe area be carved out. Small in extent, it was allocated three Mayo County Council seats. [url=]Mens Nike Free Trainer 5.0 Purple Light Gray[/url] It is a serious security lapse of the bank and its security agency which is entrusted with the operation and maintenance of the ATM. They have not taken precautions to ensure the machine's safety, Police Commissioner Jyotiprakash Mirji told reporters after inspecting the bank outlet. [url=]Nike Air Jordan Retro 12 (XII) Mens Shoes Playoffs Black Varsity Red White[/url] Most of the shows, 60 of them, will once again be at the tents right in Midtown. For the past few seasons, there had been talk that the shows would move elsewhere but it seems a dormant issue for now. Some big names in fashion, however, including Donna Karan, Marc Jacobs and for the first time in recent history, Oscar de la Renta, hold their shows in what they deem more atmospheric spaces throughout the city. [url=]Nike Air Max 1 Sneakers OG White/Red[/url] Modem has always been plugged into a UPS. Formerly a residental APC RS800 and now an enterprise APC SmartUps 1500. [url=]Nike Air Jordan 7 Retro Black Charcoal Team Red Mens Shoes 2014[/url] Lose it! gives users access to its brand name restaurant database that features nutrition info for all kinds of brands and chains from A1 to Zedric Tool: Nutrient preferences. You can pick which nutrients you want to keep an eye on such as fat, carbs, sodium and sugars. [url=]Nike Air Jordan 4 retro (gs) off white military blue neutral grey Womens Shoes[/url] With 29 minutes to go United thought they had equalised when Hernandez met a Welbeck cross, but Cech made a stunning save to palm the ball over. Had the ball hit Hernandez head, rather than shoulder, United would have been level. The Mexican could only smile ruefully.

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As the evacuation continues, Merapi's recent explosive blasts have become less frequent over the last 24 hours, according to Syamsui Maarig, head of the National Disaster Management Agency, as reported by an Indonesian news outlet and mentioned by Eruptions Blog. While state volcanologists have no way of knowing if the volcano will stop erupting, anyone can now monitor Merapi's eruptions on a new webcam. [FAQ: Will Merapi stop erupting any time soon?] [url=]UK Men's Barbour Steve McQueen Thunder Waxed Jacket Navy[/url] Children of Discord (The Gastar, 2) [url=]Mens Barbour Neigh Jacket[/url] Yet Mr. Morrison, the CEO, has no absolute certainty that McCain has taken the right approach. got to be in China. Whether we have it all right today, I can't tell you for sure. What he does know is that McCain now has a base from which to watch and learn. won't have to figure that stuff out from Toronto. Addendum >锘縏GI Friday's to open new restaurant at Norwich's Riverside [url=]Womens Barbour Foxglove Coat Olive[/url] Although some residents indicated that water levels were as much as 5 or 6 feet above current levels, Burr said they were initially looking at raising the level between 1 and 3 feet. [url=]Nike Air Jordan 13 Pink White Black Womens Shoes[/url] Economic growth: Amateur sport represents 378,000 jobs in Canada. Its economic impact amounts to $8 billion. [url=]Vans Girls Beach Glass Mint Shoes[/url] A majority of conservatives trust Fox News, and only Fox News, among eight major outlets.
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"The other part of it is, from a social standpoint, he's one of the best liked guys on the team. The guys really seem to gravitate toward him. They seem to go to his room a lot. [url=]Cheap Nike Air Jordan 4 Retro Red Black Grey Mens Shoes[/url] Orlando Tampa viewers can also see the segment on their schedule by typing in Channel 999 on their digital cable. Bright House Networks Local on Demand, is the home for several Tankful segments that are available at no additional charge. [url=]Nike Air Jordan Spizike Do You Know White Fire Red Cement Black Mens Shoes[/url] This page is archived, and is no longer publicly editable. [url=]Nike Air Max 90 Suede Black True Red Mens[/url] The GOP also has had difficulty attracting the 20 percent of California voters registered as independents. [url=]Nike Air Jordan 1 Leopard Fur Shoes[/url] Most people here have a family to support, and most people here barely make enough to make ends meet,'' McDonald's employee Dwight Murray said. We're here today because we feel like McDonald's is a $6 billion entity and it's not unfeasible for them to pay $15 an hour." [url=]Nike Air Max 2009 Sneakers Varsity Red/White[/url] Automakers may be ambivalent about some EV technology, but they have steadfastly supported hydrogen fuel cell vehicle development. Honda, General Motors, Daimler and Hyundai also plan to launch fuel cell models in 2014 16. The technology is ready, they say. Lack of a fueling infrastructure is the biggest hurdle to success.
3. The Governor's Ball is everyone's first stop. This party is held at the Kodak Theater immediately after the awards ceremony lets out. Expect winners clutching their Oscars and losers alike to hit the ballroom for a Wolfgang Puck catered feast. Last year, I ran into Sandra Bullock, Meryl Streep, Zac Efron and Gerard Butler there. And if you didn't score a little gold man, you can still have a piece of the Oscar. There's 24 carat chocolate gold statues on the menu. [url=]Mens Barbour Rambler Jacket Dark Chambray[/url] And who can resist the original hot chocolate fudge? The fast food joint is finally getting aggressive about its expansion plans. After it was gobbled by Malaysian private equity fund Navis Capital Partner last year. The new management is looking at revamping the brand with over Rs 100 crore infusion. [url=]Nike Air Jordan 18 XVIII Original OG Mens Shoes Black Sport Royal[/url] A few extra doctors and nurses were called in and some intensive care staff who just happened to be around pitched in. [url=]Mens Vibram 5 Fingers Kso Remix Red Black[/url] Many of the names have been registered but don have any content yet. Mr. Shoemaker said his site will be operational sometime this week and also said the goal was to give an outlet to voters angry that Mr. McCain is the apparent Republican nominee. [url=]Buy Womens Barbour Isleham Waxed Jacket Black[/url] Even as his peers continue to hunch over the table sorting out prime diamonds, the 50 year old college dropout whose clothes come stitched from Hong Kong with his initials embroidered on them talks passionately about making jewelry, branding and selling them through retail outlets. "The next LVMH (the international luxury group with brands like Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior) will be born out of India," says Choksi, managing director of the Mumbai based Gitanjali Gems. [url=]Mens Barbour Classic Durham Waxed Jacket[/url] The produce barrage did not damage the store, according to Schofield.
With over 100 families registered, 170 young people (special needs and non special needs) and programmes running four times per week for three different age groups, respite trips, summer programmes parent information evenings, volunteer training and much more Remember Us is a very vibrant, busy and vital group.锘縂roup says it hacked Arizona public safety files [url=]Nike Air Jordan 1 Leopard Fur Shoes[/url] A modern person, of course, would give some serious thought to running some of this stuff up the flagpole on eBay. "We did have a guy who did that for us a while back," says Joel. "We had a bunch of parts for Lancaster bombers, and he did alright with them over in England. But the eBay route is a tough go for most of this stuff." [url=]Nike Air Max 90 Suede Black True Red Mens[/url] While young mothers are embracing the latest technologies for a smooth pregnancy and pain free delivery, be it in the form of water births or strict diets, ancient epics like the Ramayana and Mahabharata still influence their lives. [url=]Nike Air Jordan Retro 7 Mens Shoes Black Light Graphite Bordeaux[/url] General depression [url=]Nike Air Max 90 VT Sneakers Premium Dark Obsidian/White-Red[/url] The Read family founded Grocery Outlet and some family members are still in upper company management, including Grocery Outlet's co chief executives. The family, though, sold the bulk of the business to Berkshire Partners LLC, a Boston private equity firm, about a year ago. [url=]Nike ANike Air Jordan LE Defining Moments Package Mens Shoes[/url] The truth is, in helping other women, you end up helping yourself, and you help your soul heal. You end up being able to validate one of the most painful times in your life by realizing that maybe all the pain and the fear and the tears were worth it.
Every time a Manager has been moved on, it has seemed that there is no room for sentimentality and past loyalty and endeavor count for little. [url=]Nike Air Jordan 18 Original OG White Varsity Red Mens Shoes[/url] In the first case of its kind, Ibori was arrested and prosecuted following a long running investigation by officers from the Met Proceeds of Corruption Unit. The unit is a unique specialist team investigating the activities of corrupt foreign officials otherwise known as Politically Exposed Persons who seek to launder stolen assets from their own country in the United Kingdom. [url=]Nike Air Max 90 VT Sneakers Camouflage Beige[/url] The plant, commissioned in 2010, is located in the heart of the Basmati rice growing area. The integrated rice complex has the ability to procure more than 150,000 tons of paddy during season and process and sell 70,000 tons of high quality Basmati rice per annum. [url=]Nike Air Jordan 11 12 CDP Mens Shoes[/url] If there anything we can learn from this it that we all just want basic essentials in life like bread, water, and some clothes. Speaking of clothes, you can get custom t shirts from us through our website!锘縢rass carp are a success in New Fairfield [url=]Nike Air Jordan 2012 White Black Old Royal Mens Shoes[/url] Recruiting still all about relationships [url=]Lunar Glide 5 Mens Black White Running Shoes[/url] Equally enthusiastic was .
was maybe 14 years old but I chased that car until my breath ran out, Mr. Jones said in 1999. could hear them laughing. woman died of her injuries a few days later, but there was no police investigation, as Mr. Jones remembered it. [url=]Nike Air Jordan 13 (XIII) Bred Black Red Mens Shoes[/url] Fun games and big wins for Riverside and Williamsville North, two teams that I would think will certainly remain in my large school poll the polls return Tuesday with the Scholastic Spotlight. [url=]Vans Black Denim/Red Shoes[/url] Web Marketing Team is a web marketing agency that works on Serch Engine Optimization, Search Engine marketing, press release and website promotion on internet. PRLog can't be held liable for the content posted by others. Report Abuse锘縡ind an outlet in 'scraper bikes' [url=]Best Mens Barbour Adventure Waterproof Jacket Black[/url] grass carp are a success in New Fairfield [url=]Mens Barbour Winterton Quilted Jacket[/url] Molly Hightower only recently returned from Haiti to Port Orchard, Wash., for a short visit before the Christmas holidays. In her blog, 525,600 minutes, a journal of her time in Haiti, she writes about coming home to her family, catching up with friends and eating fast food. But her trip home was short and she was back at the orphanage for Christmas, where she found excited children, the mixed emotions of being away from her own family and the challenge of the job at hand. [url=]Womens Barbour Orchid Fleece Jacket Olive[/url] CPSC is continuing to investigate additional fleece garments to determine whetheror not they are in compliance with the law.锘縂arnett comes up big as Celtics stun Heat in Game 5


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On my return to camp I bushwhacked through dense forest to avoid snowshoeing across the narrows, where the lake's upper basin empties into the lower one. Narrows, as well as the areas around the entrances to beaver lodges, are chronic spots for bad ice; the moving water inhibits proper freezing. [url=]Nike Air Jordan Retro 3 Cool Grey Mens Shoes[/url] A case in point is that of Yogesh P (name changed), a pharmacy graduate who ran a chemist outlet for some years in Rajajinagar, before selling it off and becoming a franchisee for a pre school brand. Yogesh entered this segment the margins are quit lucrative [url=]Mens Barbour Batesman Quilted Jacket[/url] They're really big boulders and you have to turn while you're going through them, Allyson said. "It's such a thrill and especially when there's a whole stadium of people watching you it's so exciting." [url=]Nike Air Jordan Spizike Black Varsity Purple Womens Shoes[/url] No heavy lifting (anything greater than 5 pounds) is allowed until cleared by the doctor. You may be given a sling to use after the surgery. Try to limit the use of the sling to the first 48 hours after your surgery and while you are sleeping. Extended use of the sling may cause a problem recovering full mobility in your shoulder. It will be important for you to do arm exercises to prevent this from occurring. You will be taught these exercises before discharge. They include: pendulum arm swing; walking the wall; hanging circle. Do these exercises 4 6 times a day. You may be referred for physical therapy after 2 4 weeks if needed.锘縑assallos Road Septimus Qld 4754 [url=]Nike Air Max 95 360 Sneakers Ol[/url] Three years ago Lisa Lund leased a used 1997 Audi A4 for $320 a month for three years. "I only drive about 10,000 miles a year, so this way I can drive a more expensive vehicle," she says. [url=]Nike Air Jordan 4 Retro Blue Lime Green Black Mens Shoes[/url] The researchers developed a model of "news appeal" based on the words contained in an article's title and text intro, which is what a reader uses when they choose to click on a story.
Cash reward for info on ATM attacker raised to Rs 5 lakh 4 hours 19 minutes agoATM attack: Victim likely to be discharged from hospital today 14 hours 46 minutes agoKing of Travancore, Uthradam Thirunal Marthanda Verma dies at 91 15 hours 43 minutes agoThiruvananthapuram: Women feel city unsafe for them YesterdayDMK has struggled for SL Tamil cause since early days: Karuna YesterdayIIM B: Officer dismissed after sexually harassing doctor for months 2 days agoAndhra bifurcation: Digvijay Singh expresses hope of passing Telangana bill before polls 3 days agoKerala: Housewife takes on Left workers laying siege to CM's house 3 days agoJayalalithaa slams Centre over arrest of fishermen by Sri Lankan Navy 4 days agoTN: 30 fishermen arrested by Sri Lankan Navy 4 days agoOld Mysore wants queen to choose a successor to Wodeyar 5 days agoIndia talks: 'Order on Section 377 takes the country backwards' 5 days agoCongress to suspend rebel Seemandhra MPs 5 days agoBJD to support no confidence motion against UPA, BJP undecided 5 days agoCrisis for UPA as Seemandhara MPs move no confidence motion 6 days agoChennai reacts to SC's restriction on use of beacon lights 6 days agoWill not support no confidence motion moved by Seemandhra MPS: Mamata 6 days agoBangalore reacts to SC's restriction on use of beacon lights 6 days agoBoth Modi, Jaya PM aspirants; no alliance with AIADMK: TN BJP leader 6 days agoMysore royal scion Srikantadatta Wodeyar passes away 6 days agoGovernment officer arrested for molesting Italian woman 1 week agoAndhra Assembly session from Thursday, to take up Telangana bill 1 week agoAssembly results show anti Congress mood all over: TDP 12/08/13Tamil Nadu: AIADMK wins Yercaud Assembly by poll 12/08/13YSR to launch fresh round of agitation from December 10 12/07/13Cyclone to intensify to severe cyclonic storm 12/07/13Andhra bifurcation: Mixed response for Seemandhra bandh 12/07/13Rameswaram temple cloak room turns unsafe as devotees lose belongings 12/06/13Telangana fallout: Chiranjeevi sends his resignation to Sonia Gandhi 12/06/13Man eater tiger caught, villagers near Bandipura national park relieved 12/06/13.锘縐npaid internships still a sensitive issue [url=]Nike Air Jordan 7 (VII) Original (OG) Bordeaux Womens Shoes[/url] In the aftermath of the horrific Boston marathon bombings, mainstream media outlets had no problem labelling the Tzarnev brothers as terrorists and were right in doing so. Sadly, when it comes to media coverage of the Arab Israeli conflict, our media applies a double standard by whitewashing terror against Israelis using broad political terms like the myopic "militant" and in failing to describe individuals like Salam Al Zaghal, a Palestinian who in recent days stabbed Israeli father of five Evyatar Borovsky to death, as a "terrorist".锘縐biquiti Networks mFi mPower Wi [url=]Nike Air Max 1 Sneakers Black/White-Green[/url] You may have thought that Friends was exaggerating the elemental madness of the show, what with the brain transplants between characters, doctors performing operations on themselves, women giving birth to babies they weren't sure were theirs, but I assure you that in fact this was a neutered version of the real thing, presumably to make it credible to citizens of syndicated countries who had not grown up with this roiling stew of insanity.锘縲eek intensive Toronto Christian program tries to 'heal' gays [url=]Nike Air Jordan 1 Leopard Fur Shoes[/url] City get Barca, Arsenal draw BayernArsenal have been handed an unenviable Champions League last 16 tie after being drawn . [url=]Nike Air Jordan 4 Doernbecher Mens Shoes[/url] Boot the system with self booting diagnostics media, and run diagnostics using at least a memory test. PSU, mobo, display, keyboard, NO mouse, 1 stick of RAM) running each diagnositc sequence and then progressively adding more memory and then more of your devices until the "bad" element is found (if hardware). You may even find it's the CPU in an early test (but let's hope not). [url=]Mens Barbour Highfield Quilted Jacket[/url] Delaney said he hopes the upgraded mall and new tenants will keep more residents shopping at home.
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Tim Hortons had a chef whip up the fictional pastry, and the public's reaction spawned the idea of a contest where people could submit their own doughnut ideas. [url=]Nike Air Jordan XII 12 Retro White Flint Grey Mens Shoes[/url] What about fool me 47 times? Who's the one with the shame after the 47th fooling? That's my question surrounding Joe Flacco and the Baltimore Ravens this week. They lost to the Bills in Buffalo in Week 4, and everyone jumped off the lightly attended bandwagon. Flacco threw five interceptions in the loss, and the running game was abandoned in the fourth quarter. Based on the media reaction, you'd think Flacco and John Harbaugh were Sandra Bullock and George Clooney in "Gravity floating around, lost in space. [url=]Nike Air Jordan Prime 5 Varsity Red Metallic Silver Mens Shoes[/url] Window sheet music from composer Various for the instruments piano, guitar, voice, clarinet in the sheet music category scores, 1 sheet. Print instantly piano sheet music of the Bob Merrill's How [url=]Barbour Souter Waterproof Jacket Mens[/url] Extra Info [url=]Nike Air Jordan Spizike Black Varsity Purple Womens Shoes[/url] scored a game high 27 points for the Huskies but appeared to tire late in the game. Alex Oriakhi added 12 points and 15 rebounds. That pair was UConn's biggest culprit in terms of ball security, however, combining for nine turnovers. "We had 28 offensive rebounds and still shot 36 percent. I don't know if I've ever seen that before." [url=]Nike Air Max Trainer 1.3 Breathe Orange/Green/White[/url] Manufacturer direct items are shipped directly from the manufacturer. These items


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Last month, on Eid ul Azha, Mullah Omar issued a statement which commentators here believe indicated "important policy shifts." None of them bothered to scratch the surface which would have demonstrated that, like all weak minded men, the supreme leader of the Afghan Taliban lays an exaggerated emphasis on not changing his mind. He is convinced that, as the amir ul momineen (commander of the faithful), he is the undisputed ruler of Afghanistan for the rest of his life and any settlement of the conflict must be on his terms. This was the impression I gathered after several meetings with him from 1996 to 2000. [url=]Mens Barbour Shawl Collar Bedale Jacket Red[/url] TORONTO A dreamed up doughnut that melds together chocolate, caramel and pecans has earned its inventor $10,000 and the knowledge he beat out 63,000 entries in a Tim Hortons contest. [url=]Nike Air Jordan 13 XIII Womens Shoes Pink White[/url] Donating paint Send your paint, unopened tins or opened tins that are properly sealed, to Sgt Peter Sharples, City Centre Safer Neighbourhoods Team, Bethel Street Police Station, Norwich, NR2 1NN. [url=]Vibram Five Fingers Bikila Grey Green Shoes For Men[/url] A nonprofit children's/experimental theater he launched in Kalamazoo, Mich., in 1978, a decade before the family moved to Glen Ellyn, is still operating, Krieglstein added. But he is not seeking nonprofit status for the Velvet Theater. [url=]Womens Barbour Cavalry Liddesdale Quilted Jacket Chilli Red[/url] For most people, the symptoms of a scalp yeast infection are dryness, itchiness, redness and flaking skin or dandruff. Fibroid Symptoms: Heavy Bleeding, Anemia and Urinary Tract.锘縒ebsite of longchampoutletaustralia [url=]Mens Barbour Powell Quilted Jacket[/url] Arrested development: Cop phobia shows no sign of easing upSalvation Army's Christmas season fundraising behind in Bangor, PortlandMy child stuffed animal is a member of the familyYouTube video shows transformation of downtown Bangor, 1996 vs. 2013To engage the zealot is to feed the beast锘縏he making of a star
10:19 PM [url=]Mens Barbour Herringbone International Jacket[/url] MY system spec's quad, 4 Gig 2TB 1950XT PRO VIVO bla bla. [url=]New Mens Barbour Porter Waterproof Jacket Navy[/url] Shopping for footwear can give you an instant lift which is not always true when it comes to buying clothes. (Trying on that cute little black dress after you've put on a few pounds is more torture than fun.) [url=]Nike Air Jordan XII 12 Retro Mens Shoes Black Blue Nubuck[/url] Customized items can be personalized with options such as your name, your favorite [url=]Toms Women Winter Casual Shoes Blue-Yellow[/url] Aditya Malik whooped with excitement after he bought his iPhone. [url=]Ladies Barbour Cedar Waterproof Trench Navy[/url] When The New York Times announced in 2010 that it would begin charging people for access to its website, it immediately sparked online debate over free versus paid content on the Web. Would loyal Times readers willingly begin paying to browse articles they could previously peruse at no cost? Or would the prospect of a paywall deter so many visitors that the site might crumble? Since the metered subscription service, which allows everyone 20 free articles per month, went live in late March, 100,000 people have paid The New York Times toll, but that represents only a sliver of the site's 15 million unique visitors.
The recent dalliance (seat adjustment) between PML N and Ahle Sunnat wal Jamaat has shed the garb of liberalism that the Sharifs have donned since time immemorial, and is indicative of how factitious the Jalib reciting man (read Machiavellian prince) is when he waxes lyrical upon social/religious tolerance and liberalism. MalikIshaq was bestowed with a monthly 'stipend' during his time in jail; Rana SanaUllah for once spoke the truth and confirmed the disbursement. [url=]Toms Classics Women Shoes Army Green[/url] Nancy Rooney, a nurse who lives and works on the island, went to a public meeting about the project last month and left with a rueful feeling about it. [url=]Mens Barbour Tailored Sapper Waxed Jacket Navy[/url] or event. These are advanced sale items and will ship immediately after they are [url=]Mens Barbour Hardwick Jacket[/url] Read corelle dinnerware outlet store Kitchen Reviews and Compare corelle dinnerware outlet store The Corningware Corelle more stores are the retail. Largest selection of [url=]Mens Barbour Mane Jacket Navy[/url] Sarah MacBey pauses for a moment as she walks through her flooded home for the first time since the waters receded in Calgary's southend Saturday, June 22, 2013.锘縒hat Will Be In Our Glasses Next Year [url=]Nike Air Jordan Spizike Knicks Mens Shoes Orange Black White[/url] Add Comment
Diseases of other bodily systems also have a direct effect on urogenital function. Renal failure can be acute or chronic, and can be further broken down into categories of pre renal, intrinsic renal and post renal. [url=]Ladies Barbour Print Beadnell Waxed Jacket Chilli Red[/url] Accuracy is, of course, a major concern with Yelp reviews of any type, and an especially big one when reviewers make serious complaints. In June 2012, a reviewer alleged that five guards at the Men's Central Jail in Los Angeles beat him for no reason and laughed about it afterward. Other reviews of the jail mention rat infestations, violence and racial tensions. [url=]Womens Barbour Rainbow International Bright Brass Jacket[/url] We're going to have to shift dollars from inefficient areas into our strategic priorities to begin to meet unmet health care needs. [url=]Mens Barbour Trooper Jacket Olive Classic Tartan[/url] Success is harder than ever to predict, given how rapidly the TV landscape is changing, says Porter Bibb of for Mediatech Capital Partners. [url=]Nike Air Jordan Spizike DTRT Do The Right Thing Mens Shoes[/url] The game will air live on Time Warner Cable SportsChannel in Western New York and on SportsTime Ohio in the Cleveland area. STO is available nationally on DirecTV, Dish and U Verse. [url=]Womens Toms Cordones Shoes Blue[/url] Cookies are small data files which are sent to your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome etc) from a website you visit. They are stored on your electronic device.

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